Crack an Egg & Get a Surprise with DamGoo

January 22, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Some apps and games on Google Play and other app stores make you scratch your head. DamGoo might be one of those. It’s a pretty simple game, yet it’s becoming pretty popular. Already over the 100,000 downloads mark and counting. Essentially what you do with DamGoo is you crack open the egg, and there’s a chance that there could be a surprise waiting for you in there. Although, you never really know what the surprise is that you may end up with. Now, like most other games, you can only crack it a certain number of times before running out of energy. However you can get more cracks at it by watching a video, downloading apps and doing a few other things. Which will get you more chances to crack that egg. You can also share your achievements on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and earn even more clicks to crack the egg for a surprise.

DamGoo does have support for Google Play Games (which they incorrectly list as “Game Center”). So you can get achievements and climb the leaderboard. Which the developer claims there are over 150,000 people playing DamGoo already, so you may have a bit to climb on that leaderboard. It also has support for high resolution displays, like what you’d find on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other smartphones out there. DamGoo has included some pretty cool egg animations as well. So that when you tap the screen to crack open the egg, you’ll see some pretty cool animations of it cracking and such.

It may not be the most interesting game, like Dead Trigger 2 or Riptide GP2, but it is something to keep you busy when you’re bored or just need to waste some time while waiting for something. The game is free, and is rather small, coming in at just 7.2 megabytes. Additionally it is freemium. So it’s free to download and play, however the game does have in-app purchases of $9.99 per item. Unfortunately it appears everything is $9.99 and nothing is cheaper than that. A bit strange but that was the developers choice here.