Sony’s CES 2016 Conference Will Take Place On January 5th

December 1, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Sony has already scheduled its conference for one of the most important events of electronics of the year, the CES 2016. The event will take place in Las Vegas from January 6th to January 9th next year, so the company will hold its press conference on January 5th, 2016 at 5 pm PST. Sony introduced the first Xperia Z smartphone at this event back in 2013, this represented a breaking point for the company’s flagship lineup, not only because they adopted a new naming scheme, but also because they introduced the OmniBalance design language for their hardware, which also made that phone water resistant, all of those elements have been kept until now.

The invitation includes illustrations for several product categories like VR headsets, speakers, headphones, cameras, smartphones and televisions. Still, it’s unlikely that we will see mobile products introduced in next year’s event, as the company recently announced the Xperia Z5 lineup which is integrated by three phones, the regular Xperia Z5 and its 5-inch display, the smaller Xperia Z5 Compact featuring a 4.6-inch screen and the larger Xperia Z5 Premium and its first ever 5.5-inch 4K resolution display. Tablets usually get introduced in following months and there really haven’t been any leaks or rumors that suggest what may we see unveiled in that event.

The event will most certainly be dedicated to unveiling home entertainment electronics, 4K TVs could become more popular next year and there could be more devices to support that resolution such as cameras, camcorders and media players. Wearable technology could also be present at the event as Sony introduced their Smartwatch 3 at this year’s CES. This was their first smartwatch to run on the Android Wear platform and given the tendency of companies to release smartwatches with a round screen, this might be a good time for Sony to introduce theirs. Perhaps the company would even consider resurrecting the Xperia Z Ultra brand and release a powerful phablet, as there has not been a successor since the device got launched back at 2013. These are all conjectures, but there’s no way to know what the companies will introduce at these events. We will have to wait a little over a month to really know what Sony has been developing.

Sony CES Invite