Google Planning to Update the Pixel C every Month

December 9, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Right now, the Google Pixel C team is doing an AMA over on Reddit. So if you’ve got some burning questions about the Pixel C, we’d urge you to go and ask away! There are all kinds of goodies coming out of the AMA. One of them refers to updates for the Pixel C. Google is looking to update the Pixel C almost like they do Chrome. Instead of just getting updates each month for security patches and seeing point releases every so often, as we do with Nexus. Google is planning on updating the Pixel C each month with the usual security update, but also with some other stuff. Whether that be new features, bug fixes, or what ever the case may be. It’ll be great to be getting updates each month for the Pixel C, especially with early reviews not being too good on the software side, everyone loves the hardware though.

The team was asked about USB Type-C, and whether that is truly the future. And the short answer here is yes. The Pixel C team noted that you’re seeing companies like Apple, HP, Dell, and OnePlus already doing USB Type-C, so it’s going to be very, very popular in the next year or two. Of course they can’t go into detail and say the next Galaxy S7 will have USB Type-C, even though Google does test these new devices before they are announced, they do sign NDA agreements that keep them from talking about them. As you’d expect.

Pixel C was announced back in September and is available now in the US and a few other countries (it popped up in the UK today as well for £399), and is retailing for $499 right now. A bit pricey for a tablet, however the hardware is pretty top notch. It’s powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1, which is going to be fantastic for playing games on the Pixel C. It also features a 10.2-inch 2560×1800 resolution display and boasts 500 nits brightness. So it’ll get nice and bright and allow you to use it outside. Because everyone loves to sit outside and use their tablet or laptop.