Deal: Lumsing 5-Port USB Charging Hub $13.99 W/Code

December 2, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you are someone who constantly finds themselves looking for additional wall sockets to charge an ever-increasing number of devices, then it is worth considering picking up a charging hub. The Lumsing 5-Port USB Charging Hub offers a total of 40-watts of output power, which is spread out over the five ports, essentially offering each port a maximum of 8-watts of power when all ports are in use. This is also one of those intelligent chargers which means that if any of your devices are not designed to receive such a high charge, the charger will identify their limit and provide each device with only the charge that it can handle. So there should be no issues with the likes of overheating or overcharging.

Right now the Lumsing 5-Port USB Charging Hub is on sale for only $17.99, which is already significantly lower than its listed price of $49.99 price. However, if you feel like saving a few additional dollars, then you can by using the coupon code ZW3TQURC. This will bring the final cost down to only $13.99, the lowest sale price for this particular charger that we have seen. To find out more or order a Lumsing 5-Port USB Charging Hub, head through the link below. Just don’t forget to use coupon code ZW3TQURC during checkout.

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