AVG Announces the Top 10 Performance Heavy Apps

December 8, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The most precious thing about our smartphones is the battery life. We’re always looking for ways to save battery life and make our smartphone last longer before returning it to the charger. There are many battery saver apps out there, most of which don’t work as well as you think they do. But the biggest way to save battery is to get rid of apps that drain your battery. AVG has just released their Q3 2015 report on the top 10 battery draining apps. For the most part, they aren’t too surprising either.

At the top of the list, we have Facebook. A familiar spot for Facebook actually. Facebook has always been a battery hog, and likely always will be. A good way to get around the app and still use Facebook is to simply visit the mobile site. A lot of times it works better too. Facebook actually has 5 of the top 10 apps in this list. You’d think it’s time to change something with their apps, right? Coming in at number 2 is Google Play Services. An app that we have to have, and can do nothing about it. Unfortunately. Third is BBM, followed by Instagram and Facebook Messenger rounding out the top 5.

In 6th place through 10th, we have ChatOn, Facebook Pages Messenger, The Weather Channel, Kakao Talk and WhatsApp Messenger. Now these are just the apps that run at startup. Which would explain why they are mostly messenger apps and weather apps. As they are checking items constantly.

AVG has also listed the top 10 performance heavy apps based on Users opening them. Snapchat takes the crown on this one, as many would expect. Given how popular it is and how many parts of your phone its using (microphone, camera, data, display, etc). Followed up by the Amazon Shopping (UK) app, Spotify, Line and Clean Master in the top 5. Clean Master is not an app you need. It does the same things that you can accomplish in settings, without having an extra app installed. Coming in the second half of the top 10, we have Samsung WatchON, Netflix, BBC News, Amazon Shopping (Global), and Microsoft Outlook. What’s interesting here is that the Amazon Shopping app in the UK is ranked at number two, while the global app is ranked number nine.

Some other interesting statistics in this report include the top 10 storage eaters (this time based on user usage). If you use these apps, you shouldn’t be too surprised. We have Spotify, Chrome, Aillis, Line, and Amazon Shopping UK rounding out 1-5. And with TripAdvisor, Amazon Shopping (Global), Snapchat, Amazon Shopping (Global…yes again), and Clean Master rounding out the rest of the top 10. If you have these apps installed on your smartphone and are not using them, we’d recommend deleting them and freeing up some space on your phone. If not, deleting the cache from Spotify is a good idea too. As it can collect tons of cached music and eat up quite a bit of space.

Finally, we have the top 10 mobile data heavy apps. Coming in at number 1 is Netflix. Not hard to imagine why, considering it’s streaming movies and TV Shows. Followed up by Snapchat, Tumblr, BBC News and Clean Master in the top 5. While Samsung WatchON, Clash of Clans, Spotify, Aviary, and Microsoft Outlook finishing up the top 10. If you are looking to decrease your data usage each month, we’d recommend getting rid of some of these apps. In our own usage, Snapchat uses a ton of data compared to other apps, as well as Tumblr.

You can check out AVG’s complete report here. It’s a pretty interesting one, and one that everyone should take a look at. The rankings haven’t changed much, especially the top 2 in each category. But still interesting.