The AT&T BlackBerry PRIV Supports Wireless Charging

November 9, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

The BlackBerry PRIV is one of the most interesting smartphones of the year, not only because it’s the first device that runs on Android for the company, but also because it was built as a true flagship with no compromise. It includes some exclusive features like its sliding QWERTY physical keyboard with tactile capabilities which let users navigate in some apps, after all, the company became very popular for their devices with physical keyboards and they managed to make it more useful. It also integrates a large high-resolution screen that curves on the sides, which is very uncommon on smartphones. BlackBerry is also known for the security they provide to their devices, and the BlackBerry PRIV includes an app called DTEK, which would let users know if their phone is at risk or help them manage their apps more securely.

The rest of the specs are fairly standard, it is powered up by the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 and it includes 3 GB of RAM. The main camera features an 18-megapixel sensor certified by Schneider-Kreuznach features OIS, phase detection auto-focus and there’s a dual-tone LED flash for those low light situations. It’s 3,410 mAh battery should last for over 22 hours and it features Quick Charge. Speaking of which, there seems to be a confusion because some versions of the handset include wireless charging capabilities while this feature is nowhere to be found on some models.

Mobile Syrup reported that the model being sold by carriers is the STV100-3, particularly in Canada, but it doesn’t feature wireless charging (the reason seems to be to reduce costs of manufacturing), while the model STV100-1, sold directly through BlackBerry’s site mentions this feature in the spec sheet. AT&T is the only carrier that is currently selling the BlackBerry PRIV in the US, but it is not very clear if this particular model supports wireless charging. Techno Buffalo tested the Qi wireless charging capabilities of the model sold by AT&T and they report that this feature is indeed present on this device. It’s also supposed to support the Powermat (PMA) standard, but they didn’t get a chance to test a charger with such technology. So if this feature is really important to you, be sure to check that is present on the model you’re buying.