J.K. Shin Possible Casualty In Upcoming Samsung Reshuffle

November 30, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Samsung is a company which is known to be an innovative force in many of the categories and industries that the company operates within. Be it smartphones, washing machines or even ships. As such, it is important for Samsung that they remain at the forefront of innovation and thinking and one way the company seems to maintain its dominance, is through its various levels of corporate reshuffling. The latest of which is said to likely be taking place this week.

A report out of Bloomberg this morning focuses on how Lee Jae Yong, Samsung Group’s Vice Chairman, is looking to exert his authority over what is largely considered to be a declining smartphone sector of the business. In fact, one of the members of the smartphone sector who is said to be facing the likely chop this week is J.K. Shin, the chief in charge of Samsung’s mobile division. It seems, analysts are predicting that the second year of decline for Samsung smartphones will be the final straw for Shin. According to HI Investment & Securities Co analyst, Lee Sang Hun, “Shin was able to keep his post last year, but I think it might be different this time around.

While the actual state of affairs and lack of what is considered growth in the mobile arm of Samsung, is clearly one of the reasons for the expected reshuffle, reports are also suggesting that this particular reshuffle will also serve a dual purpose of helping Yong to further establish himself as the Chairman of Samsung, at least, in role alone. It is being seen that this is a move which Yong will need to do now to ensure that he is viewed as a leader for the company and can lead the company going forward. A move, which is according to analysts is already one which has been delayed once before. Again, according to Lee Sang Hun, “Last year, it had been only about half a year since Lee Jae Yong took the helm of Samsung Group following his father’s collapse, so he chose stability rather than a huge revamp.” Suggesting that this big corporate reshuffling of Samsung Mobile is not only needed but long overdue.