OnePlus India Announces Exchange Offers For Their Handsets

November 30, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

OnePlus has launched two devices this year, the OnePlus 2 flagship, and their affordable OnePlus X smartphone. Judging by the looks and build quality of these devices, some might even think that the OnePlus X is a higher-end devices, which says a lot about its design. Anyhow, along with the releases of these two phones, OnePlus has also introduced their B2X service with the OnePlus 2, and B2X On-Guard Plus service with OnePlus X. India is one of the countries those two services have been launched, and OnePlus has decided to release yet another option for their consumers, the exchange program, read on.

This China-based company has actually partnered up with ReGlobe in order to make this possible in India. The company will let you exchange your handset if you wish to do so, but there are some rules here, of course. OnePlus has introduced two types of exchange schemes, the ‘Buy First, Sell Later’ and ‘Sell First, Buy Next’ option. Let’s see what the first option has to offer, shall we. Now, if a customer decides to buy the new device first, ReGlobe will actually share the invite code for the OnePlus handset the consumer chooses, and will schedule a pick-up for a future date. The company will then approve the sale of the older handset, and receive a confirmation from OnePlus on activation of the invite by the buyer. Once the whole procedure is complete, ReGlobe will send a page-link to the customer to avail the free insurance being offered (OnePlus 2 & X only) to the consumers, and also an Amazon Gift Coupon matching the quote of your older device (within 3-5 working days).

Now, the ‘Sell First, Buy Next’ option works like this… in case a customer opts to sell the older device first, ReGlobe will do everything to make that possible. Once the sale is complete, the customer will receive an invite for the OnePlus handset they opt for, along with an Amazon Gift Coupon which goes along with the negotiated quote of the older handset. In case you’re interested, you can visit ReGlobe’s page (source link down below) or register on OnePlus’ page with your details.