Manage Your Home Network With The ‘ASUS Router’ App

November 30, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

ASUS is a renowned brand when it comes to consumer electronics, computers and network accessories, and if you own one of their wireless routers you like already know some of the benefits of what they can bring to the table. Now ASUS wants to make using your router easier with a brand new Android app, called simply “ASUS Router” that allows you to manage the settings of your router as well as keep an eye on network traffic at any given time. You can already do this through ASUS’ web tools via the web GUI login, but now with the app in hand, you can do most of if not all of the same things from you smartphone too.

the ASUS Router app will only support a specific set of routers from ASUS lineup, and past that the router will also need to be on the latest version of firmware, more specifically it needs firmware version or later for you to be able to use it. If your router doesn’t have this firmware, the app may still find it on the network so long as it’s a supported router model, but it will prompt you to update it before being able to take advantage of the full feature suite. If you’re covered on the support front, the app will allow you to see things like real-time network traffic and allow you to monitor the CPU and RAM usage.

The app also lets you add multiple routers to keep tabs on, so if you have more than one you can manage them all from the palm of your hand, on the go, and easily with just a few taps. While this is a great application for home network use, the app also supports management of client devices, so basically for work purposes, and if your business uses supported ASUS routers, the app will allow you to do things like blocking the internet access and setting bandwidth usage limits as well as the safe functions that are there for home network use. Other things included are a game boost feature, which is likely invaluable to PC gamers, tools to share WiFi, and the ability to initiate a network security scan and backup your router settings. This makes managing settings on your ASUS router a snap, and ASUS boast more features will be added in future updates, so if there isn’t something included chances are it will be down the line.