Huawei Pushes Update To Huawei Watch With New Features

November 24, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Huawei officially announced their Huawei Watch some time ago and the device has been up and available for sale from the Google Store and Huawei themselves for a little while now, offering users one of the more luxurious looking experiences for an Android Wear device. If you’re someone who is the proud owner of a Huawei Watch, it seems Huawei has just started to push out a software update to the device which brings in some improvements and some new features that are worth noting, like a new watch face, and new ways to personalize the device.

Among the various different improvements that Huawei has dumped into this software update which should bring Huawei Watch owners to build number LCB43B, Huawei says they have made some optimizations to the mic on the watch that should result in users seeing an improvement to the performance of the OK Google command detection. This in particular, can be a very useful tweak as it can be a bit difficult to get some Android Wear watches to recognize the command if there’s too much background noise. Huawei also made some optimizations to the fitness tracking functionality, and Huawei says this should enable the watch to more accurately tracks the steps people take throughout the day.

The last optimization relates to Bluetooth, rather the Bluetooth reconnect mechanism, which should make it easier for the watch to reconnect to a device if it disconnects at any point. If optimizations seem great, but you’re eager for new features, Huawei has added in a few new things for you to take advantage of, namely a new customizable watch face that you can tweak and personalize to your liking in various ways. Alongside the new watch face, Huawei has also added in a battery level indicator that shows up while the watch is charging. The new app should already be installed on the watch following the completion of the software update, so there isn’t anything users will have to do as it will just be there. Huawei states the update has begun rolling out to users, but that it is a staggered rollout so not everyone will see it immediately. It’s also possible that it could take the next few days to hit everyone.