Google’s Inaugural Android Summit Uploaded To Youtube

November 25, 2015 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Google has never been shy about holding celebrations, events, press conferences, business summits and all other manner of event, including the famous Google I/O, with invitations to each and every event sought far and wide by just about everybody with even the slightest involvement in the tech industry. Up until this year, Google had kept Android news and development talk relegated to a section of the annual Google I/O conference. With this year’s first ever Android Summit, that all changed. Invites were up for grabs earlier this year and the lucky attendees got to rub elbows with top Googlers, as well as hear their questions answered.

For the common folk, however, the only hope of getting to see the inner workings of an event such as this and benefit from the outpouring of developer knowledge is to pray for downloadable videos, a live stream or Youtube coverage by one of the journalists present, if such things are allowed. With the inaugural Android Summit, Google has made many a tech blogger’s year by throwing high-quality clips from the event, including all the keynote speakers, along with a live stream. The free live stream for those who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to make it and catch the valuable info and insightful talks is definitely a very Google thing to do. Hopefully, the vast amount of knowledge dispersed over the 23rd and 24th of November making it online will help Android developers far and wide to not only develop better and more efficiently, but more in line with Google’s core vision and goals for Android.

To say that this will be a beneficial move for the tech world at large and the Android world in particular would be quite the understatement. Key players in the Android world like Chet Haase were livestreamed for over 16 hours across two days, with much of that content winding up on Youtube for anybody to stumble across and glen knowledge and insight from. With the guest list being on the exclusive side for any Google event, let alone the first of a new breed, a large number of people will likely benefit from this conference’s presence on Youtube in a large number of ways.