Google To Introduce Ad Warnings On All Play Store App Listings

November 18, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Google is constantly in a state of updating when it comes to many of its apps and services. They are always evolving apps and services which routinely see a number of new features being added or in some cases, taken away. Of course one of the biggest apps that Google offers is the actual Play Store (or Google play) if you prefer. This is the app which houses and makes available all the other apps that are available on the Android operating system. However, keeping tabs on the sheer abundance of apps that are available is quite the task and especially when so many of them come with sometimes hidden fees like in-app purchases or are ad-supported.

Well, Google is planning to try and make the nature of app monetization a lot more transparent to those who purchase apps through the Play Store. Earlier this year, Google Introduced a more family-oriented version of the Play Store where developers could submit their apps to be labelled as ‘family friendly’ apps and see their prominence increased by being included in the family section of Play. Part of the conditions for such a placing, was that developers has to declare if their apps came with ads inside. That is, declare on their Play Store app listings.

It now seems that in the near future, this is a feature which will be rolling out to all apps that show up on the Play Store. An email which is currently being sent out to developers makes them aware of the change and the need for apps listings to be more transparent about whether they include ads or not. In fact the email states that by January 11th 2016, all apps which do contain ads will need to register the declaration so that buyers are aware. The email also states that Google will retain the power to be able to add the ‘ad label’ themselves if they see that developers have not already announced their app being one which is ad-supported. Not to mention, the email states that Google may look to verify the declaration provided by developers after the deadline and any false declarations could lead to suspension from the Play Store.

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