Deal: UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – $149

November 6, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker to fill the house with music? Well look no further than the Ultimate Ears or UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker delivers amazing 360-degree sound, as well as looking good, and is a bit rugged as well. It is water as well as stain resistant. So you never have to worry about it changing colors. Speaking of colors, it’s available in both white and red right now from the Android Headlines Deals Store. UE BOOM also has a wireless connectivity range of up to 50-feet, so you can control it from your phone for that distance. UE also has an app available for the UE BOOM which allows you to pair up multiple UE BOOM’s (UE Mini Boom and MegaBoom work too), to pump the music up even more in your house, or outdoors.

Not only is the UE BOOM speaker good at delivering great sound with deep bass, but it’s also a great looking speaker to have on your desk, or to put on a bookshelf. It’s also fairly compact, considering how much battery is inside, and how much sound it can output. We’re looking at around 10-12 hours of battery life here on the UE BOOM Wireless Speaker.

You can pick up the UE BOOM Wireless Speaker from the Android Headlines Deals store today for just $149.