Video: TomTom Bandit Action Camera Review

October 12, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Over the years TomTom has moved from being a GPS-only company to one that provides a number of different electronics to fit your outdoor lifestyle.  We recently had the chance to review the TomTom Bandit Action Camera, which is TomTom’s latest entry into the outdoor lifestyle category.  Now we’re bringing you that review in video form so that you have a better idea of the size, operation and of course video quality of the camera itself.  TomTom’s Bandit is a really cool little camera that goes for about the price of a GoPro and can be found in both a $400 version or a $500 premium pack that includes a number of accessories.

The TomTom Bandit records up to 4k at 15fps and moves all the way down to 720p at 120fps.  The default mode is 1080p 60FPS which makes sense given that this is intended to record all the action you can handle, and getting every frame counts when you’re barreling down a mountainside.  Speaking of barrels the unique design of the Bandit means that it’s got a fully encased Batt-Stick, as TomTom calls it, which is a rechargeable battery that also includes a microSD card slot and a USB 3.0 port for each transfer.  The camera hooks up to the official app to deliver a live viewfinder and editing without ever having to leave the app or transfer the videos separately.  Check out the video review below and let us know what you think!