TYLT Opens Indiegogo for ENERGI Desktop Charging Station

October 5, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The makers of some of the best looking Qi Wireless chargers, and other accessories, TYLT, have just launched an Indiegogo campaign for a brand new product. Many companies have been launching multi-port desktop charging stations. TYLT is now launching their own. In the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station. It’s a five-port desktop charger with some pretty interesting features.

The ENERGI Desktop Charging Station has five ports, which use the SmartDetect technology. What SmartDetect does is that it provides the max rapid charging rate that the device can take. No Quick Charge 2.0, but the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station can still charge your phone pretty fast. Four of the five ports can output 2.4A, that equals about twice the speed as normal standard wall chargers. What’s the most interesting feature in the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station is that the fifth port doubles as a removable, and rechargeable power bank which has a 3200mAh capacity. So if you’re in a hurry, you take that fifth port with you and charge up your device in the car, on a plane or wherever you’re headed.

Something that a lot of these other desktop charging stations are missing is a cord management system. So you have a 5-port desktop charging station, but you still have all these cables hanging all over the place, which doesn’t really look great. Luckily, TYLT has a built-in cord management system to prevent this with the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station. It’s real simple too, it basically wraps around the desktop charger, so that these cords aren’t hanging all over your desk.

The Indiegogo campaign begins today, and will last thirty days. TYLT is hoping to raise $30,000 over the course of the 30 days. There are $35 and $45 options for Early Birds. Which will get you a TYLT ENERGI Desktop Charging Station, along with both US and UK plugs. The $55 option is available all day and also offers the ENERGI Desktop Charging station with both US and UK plugs. For $65 you will get the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station with two cables (a 2-foot and a 3-foot cable), while $75 gets you three cables with the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station (1-foot, 2-foot, and 3-foot cables).

TYLT is hoping to get orders shipping in November 2015, so we’re looking at a pretty quick turnaround here.