T-Mobile Relaunches their ’10Gigs4All’ Plan

October 14, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

T-Mobile has made the news a lot in the past year or two, for changing up their plans and getting rid of customer pain points. Like contracts. T-Mobile a great plan before for families, which allows you to get four lines of service, with 10GB for each line all for $120. With the fourth line being free. Now that means each line will cost an average of $30 per month. Kinda crazy considering each line gets 10GB of high-speed data. This plan brings T-Mobile back in line with Sprint, who is also offering 4 lines for $120, and 40GB of data over the entire account. However, Sprint is charging overage fees for data, instead of throttling your data once you hit the cap. Which some people like, others don’t.

Additionally, this plan is eligible for Data Stash. Which means whatever data is not used can be stashed and used at a later date. Your data stash is only good for a year though (still better than the month AT&T gives you for data rollover). You will also get all of the other Uncarrier benefits including unlimited roaming outside of the US, as well as 4G LTE roaming in Canada and Mexico. There’s also music freedom, so streaming music on approved services won’t affect your data cap. Which will also help ensure that your data cap will last the entire month.

The Uncarrier says that the #10Gigs4All is available beginning today and will be available for a limited time only. However we are unaware of how long it will last, hopefully T-Mobile will share that information a bit later on. So everyone can get their hands on this promotional plan before it’s going forever. It is available today through T-Mobile’s website as well as participating T-Mobile locations. Which means that the authorized retailers may not have the deal, but more than likely the corporate stores will. It’s still a good idea to ask.

Now, one has to wonder, which carrier will be next to offer a deal for family plans similar to this? Price wars have been pretty fierce between Sprint and T-Mobile lately, with Verizon and AT&T caving a bit.