Star Wars Fans Are Treated to a Smartphone Skin Line

October 6, 2015 - Written By Fernando Bonilla

Popular smartphone accessories maker Slickwraps is looking to please Star Wars fans with their latest designs. The company has launched a limited-edition Galactic Series skin set, and they’re available now from the Slickwraps website.

The skins include a choice between two of the franchise’s most iconic characters: An Imperial Stormtrooper or series antagonist Darth Vader. Designer Justin Maller, creator of the Galactic Series, has an interesting take on the characters, including a colorful twist on their otherwise subdued looks. The designs also benefit from a unique geometric quality. The result is a surprisingly modern rendition of the timeless series. Maller’s artwork for these limited-edition skins is limited to Slickwraps, meaning you won’t find these anywhere else.

Slickwraps is offering these skins for the majority of today’s most popular smartphones and electronics. Samsung is well represented, with both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receiving skins. The Note series has both of its latest variants listed as well. The Nexus 6 is included in the batch, as well as HTC’s One M9 and the LG G4. Apple’s latest iPhones are all present, and Slickwraps is also decorating Macbooks. The Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One gaming consoles have skins offered on both the body of the machine and for each controller.

The online retailer is selling each skin along with a matching wallpaper for $24.95. Such a premium price isn’t common in the accessories market, but Slickwraps has committed to sending a replacement skin if the original is damaged while being applied.

Cases have always been popular with smartphone users due to their added protection and customizable flair. Smartphone manufacturers are creating more aesthetically appealing smartphones than ever before, but having a phone that’s undoubtedly yours is both a trendy and practical motivator for covering it up. Skins don’t offer the same protection a case might and instead serve only for their stylistic merit. However, skins have the advantage of being lean and just as customizable as a case so if you’re looking for adding a personal taste to your device without hunting for a clumsy container, a skin might be the way to go.