Rogers Offers New 30GB and 60GB Share Everything+ Plans

October 6, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

It seems like every week one of the carriers in Canada is changing their plans, subsidies, data buckets and more.  Rogers is the latest to add two new data Share Everything+ Plans for the heavy users – 30GB for $175 per month and 60GB for $325 per month – in addition to your monthly phone service, which could run between $35 and $60 per line.  This should be enough data to satisfy any heavy user or group of up to ten users (including the main user). The 60GB plan is the largest data bucket among the Big Three, and while it sounds expensive, it works out to be a company low $5.41 per Gigabyte.

It also seems a lot more expensive when compared to cheaper unlimited data plans offered by regional carriers, however, they are throttled at certain times, whereas these 30GB and 60GB are plans not.  The 30GB plan is only new because Rogers brought it back after at a lower cost after dropping it during their transition to Share Everything+.  As part of Rogers’ new Share Everything+, there are incentives offered as part of the deal, and they included those deals with the 30GB and 60GB plans.

You get to pick unlimited Local Calling (saves you $5) or Canada-Wide Calling, as well as unlimited messaging, call display, call waiting, group call, enhanced voicemail, 2500 call forward minutes and an overage rate of $5 per 100MB.  You get a choice of Device Payment Options – Premium Tab, Smart Tab (saves $10 per month) and No Tab (saves $20 per month) – that can help decide your monthly payment.  Everybody gets Roam Like Home and Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE and ONE of the following free for 24 months – Spotify, Shomi or Texture by Next Issue.

You can add up to nine additional devices on these Share Everything or Share Everything+ plans…or a total of 10 devices.  Each smartphone will cost you an additional monthly fee.  The cost per smartphone depends on the Tab you select and whether or not you choose a two-year term contract or month-to-month plan.  The Premium Tab on a two-year term will cost you $55 per month.  The Smart Tab on a two-year term will cost you $45 per month.  A No Tab plan that is month-to-month will cost an additional $35 per month.

New Rogers 30 & 60GB programs