RINGIT! Real-Time, Play-by-Play for NFL Football Games

October 21, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

The widely popular sports prediction game, ‘ringit Pro’ is now available for Android – although for now you still have to download the game from their sight, but it will soon be available directly from the Google Play Store.  With football season in full swing and this year’s huge push for fantasy football, ‘ringit Pro!’ is the new sports prediction game where players can actually compete by making picks on the next play or drive while they watch live NFL football games.  With fantasy football, you make predictions before the game starts – with ‘ringit Pro!’ you compete during the actual game, picking play-by-play, so there is no more waiting until the game, week or season is over to see who won.

Ringit! Is the world’s first mobile sports prediction game based on dynamic odds – it challenges the players to compete in real time and its patented technology that translates into more than 15,000 pick opportunities during every NFL game.  With the dynamically changing odds that naturally occur during each live NFL game, picks are based on games status, team tendencies, actual players on the field and so much more.  Robert Melendres, founder & CEO of iPro says, “ringit! is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  No matter where you watch football, ringit! brings an unprecedented level of excitement to the game as you feel the second-counting pressure of play calling, just like an NFL coach.  Now every play is a chance to call your shot, talk smack to your friends, and highlight your football knowledge as you predict what will happen next on every play, in every NFL football game, as it happens live.  Never before have you been able to engage in sports on this level, and for iPro, football is only the beginning.”

One great decision that iPro made was to offer two versions of the game – ringit! and ringit! Pro, based on the type of gamer you are…those casual NFL watchers that want some added competition while watching the game and those gaming aficionados and betters that are really into competing.  With the ringit! version, players get to choose from a few popular quick pick options, such as is it going to be a pass or run play, which team member will touch the ball and will the play result in a touchdown or turnover – strictly social play.  The ringit! Pro version is their “ultimate experience” with the 15,000+ pick options.  This version allows for social play (virtual coin) like the normal version, but in the future will support both fantasy play and full sports betting for cash where it is authorized.

Both versions heavily support the social media for in-app messaging and posting directly to Facebook and Twitter and sounds like a lot of fun for both the casual and professional ‘gambler’ in you.