Google Play UI Refresh Now Rolling Out

October 16, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just yesterday, a member of the Google Play team teased a new UI that the team was working on. It brings in more material design to the app, also combines books, newsstand, Movies & TV and Music under entertainment with apps and games together as well. The UI refresh looked really good, and today it has started rolling out. Now it appears that this isn’t a new APK – although a new APK began rolling out last night that brings in some bug fixes and other changes – but this appears to be a server-side change. So you may need the latest version of the Play Store – which is v5.10.29 for those interested – in order for Google to flip the switch for you.

Looking at the image above, you’ll see that the slide-out drawer looks pretty much the same, but we do have some colored icons now, which do look pretty fantastic. On the screenshot on the right, the carousel has finally made its way back to the store, it’s been gone for quite a while. And in fact, the last time we had a carousel, it was not the Google Play Store, but the Android Market, how many remember the Android Market? Yeah that was quite a while ago. The carousel mixed with material design does look really nice, as the carousel colors bleed into the notification bar. One other change, and perhaps this isn’t as big, but we now have the new Google logo in the search bar. However it’s not the colorful one that is on your home-screen, which is pretty nice. Google also opted for the round buttons instead of square buttons in this version. Which is, different. We’ll see if that changes in a future update.

Like we stated, this appears to be a server-side update, so unfortunately there is no APK available for you to side load and get the new look. But as long as you have version 5.10.29 on your device, you should see it soon, hopefully. This could be a staged rollout, but we honestly have no idea. But this does look like a really nice update.