Futuristic Letv Renders Surface, Rotating Camera In Tow

October 9, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Letv is China’s online video streaming giant. This company is very well-known in China, and they’re trying to become a global brand as soon as possible. Letv has entered the smartphone business back in April when the company unveiled three high-end devices, their ‘Le Superphone’ line. They’ve announced Le 1, Le 1 Pro and Le Max handsets, all of which sports high-end specs, and the latter two are made out of metal. Letv’s devices (and the company in general) got noticed fairly quickly by various tech media all over the globe, and Letv is well on its way at the moment.

The company plans to enter the US market before the end of the year, when they intend to open their LeMall online store to US consumers. We’ve also seen a number of Letv-related rumors lately, and their Le Max 2 device has been mentioned most frequently. The company has already teased their Snapdragon 820-powered device will in the first quarter of next year, possibly even January. Well, now we have some alleged Letv rendering to share with you. If you take a look at the gallery down below, you’ll get to see a couple of images allegedly showing one of Letv’s upcoming devices.

If these renders are to be believed, Letv’s new phone will sport dual curved displays, and a rotating camera up top. Now, imagine Galaxy S6 Edge’s display, but add even more curved to the glass, you’ll get the best idea how this looks like even if you don’t see the image. Truth be told, this design looks more like a futuristic concept than something that will be released in the coming months, but you never know I guess. Judging by these images, the glass actually wraps around the corners of the device to an extreme level and attaches to the metallic back of the phone. To make things even more interesting, the source claims this is actually a 3D display which won’t require you to wear 3D glasses in order to take advantage of it.

The rotating camera up top also looks very interesting, and according to the report, we’re looking at Sony’s IMX300 sensor here, which also sounds impressive. The device will allegedly be powered by the Snapdragon 820, and will sport a 5.7-inch QHD display along with 4-6GB of RAM. This is a lot to take in, but this phone surely looks futuristic and kind of unreal, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in a couple of months, stay tuned.