EA’s ‘Minion’s Paradise’ Is Now Live In The Play Store

October 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Last week EA announced that they would be launching an all-new game featuring the loveable and goofy little minion’s characters from Despicable Me called Minion’s Paradise today, with pre-registrations having started last week. Following up on their announcement the game is now live in the Play Store for anyone to download for free. This game centers around one minion in particular named Phil who is known for being a bit of a clumsy oaf. While on a sun-soaked cruise with plenty of fun, Phil accidentally sinks the cruise ship and strands himself and all of his fellow minions on a deserted island. It’ll be up to Phil (and you of course) to make things right and show the other minions that Summer fun doesn’t have to be over, by creating an island paradise full of excitement.

Creating an island paradise won’t be all fun and games, and it won’t be an overnight affair. You’ll have to help Phil and some of his minion friends explore the island for supplies and other things to build up structures, power lights, and so on. As you build up the paradise you can customize things around the island by setting up hammocks, hot tubs, beach volleyball courts and more. How things fit together and where things go is up to you.

Aside from building a party paradise, you’ll have to take the right steps to keep the other minions happy, and there will even be some memorable villains from the Despicable Me films that show up to relax while planning their underhanded, vile plots and schemes, likely focused on world domination. These are villains, after all.  Minion’s Paradise also features mini games to play which should help to keep you busy and entertained when you’re not searching for ways to make your party bigger and better. The game is also optimized for tablets so it should be plenty enjoyable on bigger screens too. As this is a free game it won’t cost you anything to download and play, but there are optional in-app purchases. Having said that, those who download and install the game within the first 48 hours will receive a special starter pack full of useful stuff.