DEAL: MOS Cable Organizer – $12

October 13, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Do you have a ton of cables on your desk? For charging your smartphone, or your smartwatch, or even for plugging in your webcam to your laptop? We all have a ton of cords or cables on our desk, and we all could use a better way to organize them. Enter the MOS Cable Organizer. It’s a simple yet effective solution. The MOS Cable Organizer, is basically a magnet, that your cables can attach to and keep them in reach when you don’t need them, and keep them organized as well. See what I mean by simple and effective? It’s a triangle shaped product that is in black as well as available in white. So it’ll look great on your desk. It works for flash drives, and ear buds as well. And keeping them out of the way, but where you can easily find them.

The MOS Cable Organizer, is a really great product and one we’d definitely recommend for those that have a lot of clutter on their desk due to cables and such. Right now we have it available for half off from the Android Headlines Deals Store. It’s going for $11.99, and it’s normal price is $25. But you’d better hurry, the sale only lasts until October 18th.