Deal: Aukey 5 Port USB Desktop Charging Station $12.99 W/Code

October 16, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Depending on how much of your life you have invested in electronic devices, will likely determine how much time you spend on charging devices. If you have just the one smartphone, then chances are, you don’t worry too much about charging. However, if you own a smartphone (even two), a smartwatch, a tablet, a fitness tracker or anything else that is portable, then the time you spend charging and finding available sockets can be a lengthy one. As such, it is always worth having a multi-port charge station in your home. These not only offer a more convenient way to charge your devices, but also act as a time saving tool. Just charge them all at the same time and get on with the other things you want to do.

Well, the Aukey 5 Port USB Desktop Charging Station is a good example of the type of multi-charger that you can now pick up. This one comes with 5 USB ports for charging multiple devices at the same time and offers a total of 50-watts / 10-amps over the five sockets. With each socket capable of delivering up to 2.4-amps as a maximum. Not forgetting, as this is an Aukey product, it does come with all the usual safety measures including over-heating, charging and current protections. Well, this one comes with a $54.99 listing price and is currently on sale for only $16.99. However, if you check out using coupon code 2ZK9Y3JO, you can bring the price down to only $12.99

Aukey 50W / 10A 5 Ports USB Desktop Charging Station Wall Charger $12.99 Use code 2ZK9Y3JO