Addappt Is A Smart, Full-Featured Contact Book Replacement

October 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

The address book has come quite a long way since the standard options in mobile phones years and years ago. Even with the stock address book app that comes preinstalled in smartphones there are many more options than there used to be. That doesn’t change the fact that if any one of your contacts updates their number there’s a chance you may end up with outdated information, and if you have friends or family who aren’t the best at letting people know things have changed, swapping out old contact details for new contact details can be difficult. This is where an app called addappt comes in handy.

While this won’t be an issue for everyone, it’s easy to forget to let people know you’ve changed your number, that is, if you haven’t forgotten to let certain people know on purpose. Assuming you mean well and may simply be absent minded, addappt would assist in updating people whenever you get a new number so you don’t have to send out messages or emails that may or may not be seen by those who received them. This ensures that everyone has the new number, making it simple and easy as users won’t have to do anything, addappt takes care of it.

The app has two types of favorites to make contacting people not only easy but fast, with the standard favorites list letting you call, send messages, and email contacts on the fly. Addappt also features a smart favorites list, which is capable of remembering the last used method for communicating with any person you place in this list. So if you always send a text message to your best friend when you talk, the smart favorites list will remember this. The contacts in addapt are also live, so this means other details like contact photos, fonts and emojis are updated along with numbers, names, emails etc. You can also use addappt to send texts and group emails with a simple swipe as part of the new groups feature, which should be especially useful if you frequently need to contact multiple people at once. Addappt is a free app and replaces your default address book app.