Plenty of Apps Pre-installed on the Gear S2, Here’s the List

September 3, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Samsung is in the middle of their second press conference at IFA in Berlin today. Yes, two press conferences in one day. What can we say, Samsung’s a big company. This evening’s press conference is mostly about the Gear S2, which the company teased at Unpacked a few weeks ago, and then officially announced earlier this week. Now we’re learning all the tidbits about the Gear S2. One of the surprising things about this new smartwatch is that it is compatible with all Android devices. Previously, Samsung smartwatches were only compatible with Samsung smartphones. With the exception of the Samsung Gear Live.

With the Gear S2, this marks their first fully-round smartwatch. The Gear S was a square, but it was a curved display. It was a pretty neat concept, but the Gear S2 looks amazing. Now it still runs Tizen, which means there are lots of features included in the Gear S2, that we won’t see on Android Wear smartwatches like the Zenwatch 2, Moto 360 or Huawei Watch that were announced yesterday. That also means there are going to be plenty of apps pre-installed. Especially since it does mobile payments.

Let’s look at the full list of apps included on the Gear S2. There’s “Alipay, BC Card, Cashbee, eBay, FidMe, Groupon, Samsung Pay, Syrup Wallet, T-Money, Talk, Line, Twitter, Voxer, Weibo, Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN, News Republic, n-tv, NetEase, Sina, Eicon News Reader, WSJ, Nike+, Babylon, Dacadoo, GolfNAVI+, Happie, Hole 19, Kamoot, LifeSum, LiveSoccer, HRS, Iberia, Renfe, Tripcase, Uber, Micro Fountain, Yelp, 3B Meteo, BMW, Bye Ciao, Easilydo, Intesa San Palo, Market Wall, My Music Cloud, Samsung SDS Digital Door Lock, Samsung Milk Music, SmartThings, SpritzMail, Tencent, Unikey, VW, and Yale. ”

It’s important to keep in mind that there is only 4GB of storage available on the Gear S2. Now while most of these apps are probably much smaller than they are on your smartphone, that’s still a lot of apps pre-installed on your brand new Samsung Gear S2 straight out of the box. The Samsung Gear S2 is coming our way in October, and so far we know of at least one carrier here in the States that will be carrying it, and that’s T-Mobile. I’d expect more announcements from the other three once we get close to the Gear S2 being available here in the US.