Hands On: ASUS New Tablets Announced at IFA 2015

September 2, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This morning, ASUS announced a number of new tablets at their press conference at IFA in Berlin. These include the ZenPad 7, ZenPad 8 and ZenPad 10. ASUS’ new tablets in the ZenPad line are made to be thin and light, as well as some good looking tablets. ASUS have also made plenty of accessories for these new tablets including a keyboard for the 10-inch model. Something that’s becoming a bit more common with these 10-inch and larger tablets these days. The majority of these tablets are running on Intel’s chips, while others are using Qualcomm. Our best guess is that the 4G LTE models will be running on Qualcomm’s chips, like we’ve seen in the past with other tablets from ASUS.

In the galleries down below, you will find the ZenPad 7, ZenPad 8 and ZenPad 10. They are some awesome looking tablets, and excited to get our hands on them when they are available in a few months.

ZenPad 7

ZenPad 8

ZenPad 10