Deal: Pandora One: 6-Month Subscription – $24

September 15, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Pandora was probably the first music-streaming service that everyone used. It’s been around for a very long time and has had a free option even longer. While that free option does include ads, there are a number of people who do pay for the ad-free version of Pandora, which is known as Pandora One. Pandora’s radio stations are pretty unique, there are times where it will just play the best music ever. Other times, it’s just plain wrong. Pandora has apps for Android, iOS, and many other platforms and with Pandora One you get even more features.

With Pandora One you can enjoy ad-free radio from Pandora, as well as more daily “skips”, listen for long periods of time without timeouts, premium quality audio at about 192kb per second, and you can also customize the aesthetics of your Pandora Web Player. Additionally you’ll be able to use Pandora on any supported device, not limited to just the web. Some pretty great features here for Pandora One, which normally costs $5 per month. Well we are running a sale on it, which gives you 6 months of Pandora One for just $24, that works out to about $4 per month. Not a huge discount but still much cheaper than Spotify, Google Play Music or any other streaming service.

You can pick up your 6-month Subscription to Pandora One today!