Deal: iClever Dual USB Port Car Charger $8.99

September 30, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Keeping charged and able to use your mobile devices while on the go, continues to be one of the major hurdles for most mobile device owners. If you are someone who is often in your car and away from both home and the office a lot, then this is likely to be an even more prevalent issue for you. As such, you already will probably be making use of an in-car charger. Well, the problem here is that you can only typically charge one device at a time. Not so good when you have a phone and tablet, phone and watch or watch and tablet combo which need to be charged at the same time.

If that sounds familiar then the iClever 21W/4.2A Dual USB Port Car Charger might be worth checking out. This one does offer two USB ports and essentially allows for the charging of two devices at the same time. The first port offers a 2.6A charging capability while the second port offers a slightly lower 2A charge. So either way, both devices will be charged at a quick rate compared to some of the other options available. Especially useful if you have both Apple and Android devices. These do come with a list price of $25.99 but right now are on sale on Amazon for only $8.99.

iClever Dual USB Port Car Charger $8.99