Video: Unboxing the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro

August 28, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

It wasn’t too long ago that Doogee launched the original Valencia 2 Y100 phone, an Android-powered smartphone that cost a mere $100 that is actually incredibly good, especially when comparing it to some other phones in this price range.  About a month after we reviewed the original phone, Doogee announced that it would be making a Pro variant of the phone in order to appeal to those wanting better specs.  Doogee is doing this for only about $20 more too, giving users some added value if they’re willing to spend a little bit more.  What’s odd here is that it’s not just a straight upgrade from the original Y100, rather it’s a redesign with a very similar feel but without the touchable back plate.

Pro variants aren’t anything new for Doogee, so it’s no surprise to see the company doing this shortly after the original phone’s launch, but the redesign here is a bit puzzling.  Doogee is building this phone stronger than ever and is even claiming the screen is nearly unbreakable, having released a video that shows the phone cracking walnuts open without damaging the screen.  This is good since the screen is raised above the body and would offer no built-in protection if it falls flat on its face!  While the device isn’t available just yet it should be around pretty soon in September for around $125.  Check out the unboxing below and look for the full review of the phone shortly!