Rumor: Galaxy Note 5 Active In November With 4100mAh Battery

August 20, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Last week saw Samsung announce the latest device to join their ever-popular Note range, the Galaxy Note 5. As such, this put an end to the weeks and months of speculation that had mounted prior to the launch and pretty much since the previous Samsung flagship device, the Galaxy S6, had been announced back in March. During the peak of the speculation period, there was a number of rumors doing the rounds and some of them differed wildly. A prime example of this was the reported battery capacity on the Galaxy Note 5.

Although, rumors had suggested that the Note 5 would come with a 3,000 mAh battery, which is what Samsung did officially confirm last week, as the 3,000 mAh rating was less than the capacity of the battery on the Note 4, some thought that this cold not be the case. Surely, Samsung was going to bring the Note with a bigger battery? Well, those who was thinking along these lines were probably also hoping that the alternative rumors were true. These alternative rumors suggested that the battery on the Note 5 would be considerably larger than on the Note 4, with the battery coming in with a 4,100 mAh capacity. Of course that was not to be the case, Although, now that the Note 5 has been announced and full specs confirmed, interestingly, the 4100 mAh rumor has surfaced again.

The latest on this point suggests that Samsung is planning on releasing an “Active” version of the Galaxy Note 5. This is not new territory for Samsung, as they do this with their Galaxy S range devices too and they typically adopt a larger battery and the current sources are saying that the battery on the Note 5 Active will indeed be the 4100 mAh battery which had been rumored in the past. The Note 5 Active is said to be an AT&T exclusive and is likely to arrive sometime around the first week of November. Besides the increased battery life and IP68 waterproof rating, the rest of the specs on the Active variant are said to remain the same as what is provided on the current Galaxy Note 5. Although, if the battery life is increased, that alone, will be a selling point for many Note 5 potential customers.