Project Ara Delay Partly Due To Magnets Failing Drop Tests

August 19, 2015 - Written By John Anon

While the general rumors and speculation continue for the likes of the twin Nexus devices, they are not the only smartphones reported to be working on by Google. A far more unique and individual smartphone has been a long time in the coming from Google and this one is still known under its project name, Project Ara. This is a modular smartphone which literally allows the user to swap in and out specific aspects like the camera, processor and so on. This was considered to be a rather revolutionary smartphone and as such, the speculation around Ara was extremely high when the smartphone was first announced

Since then, the news from the Ara front died down dramatically and only very recently was there anything at all to report on. However that news was not exactly good news as the Ara team firstly confirmed that the Pilot program expected to be deployed in Puerto Rico was not happening and they were now looking for new locations. As an extension of this, news followed form the Ara Team confirming that Ara was being delayed until sometime in 2016. At the time, very little details were provided as to what was causing the delay with the team simply stating that there were more iterations than they had expected. Well, today some more details are coming through from the Ara team and may go some way to explaining why the delay is occurring.

One of the ways in which Project Ara was said to allow for the swapping of modules was through the use of electropermanent magnets. More specifically, these magnets were what was being used to hold the modules in place. Well, the latest tweet from the Ara team states that these magnets were not passing drop tests. Specific details were not provided as to how badly they performed under the drop tests, although the tweet did come with the hashtag #FailedTheDropTest. Again, the tweet did not provide any further details on how they will overcome this issue, although it is presumed further tweets will reveal more details soon enough. In the meantime, the wait for Project Ara’s modular smartphone goes on.

ara tweet