OnePlus 2 StyleSwap Covers Launched In India For $26

August 17, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

OnePlus has announced their new OnePlus 2 handset at the end of last month. The OnePlus 2 is more than a decent successor to the OnePlus 2, though it has its shortcomings. The OnePlus 2 lacks quick charging capabilities, and it also doesn’t come with NFC support, but even despite that is a great offer, especially the 4GB model which is also the only model available at the moment (3 and 4GB variants were announced). That being said, we’ve already covered the launch of OnePlus 2 extensively, and have even begun reviewing the device.

While you’re waiting for our full review of the OnePlus 2, the company keeps on launching new products. OnePlus has unveiled their OnePlus 2 StyleSwap covers in India. This Chinese smartphone OEM has announced four StyleSwap cover options: Kevlar, Bamboo, Black Apricot and Rosewood. Let’s talk a bit more about these covers, shall we. The Kevlar StyleSwap cover is actually made from the same material used in buletproof armor, it contains DuPont Kevlar fiber, and it seems to be a rather resistant material. The Black Apricot cover is made out of real apricot wood which comes from Morocco, according to OnePlus. The Bamboo back cover is made out of ‘Nan Bamboo’ grown in Taojiang, China. Each of the Bamboo StyleSwap covers are different, which makes them kind of unique. And last, but not least, the Rosewood StyleSwap cover. If you’re looking for a regular wood appearance, this cover is definitely for you. The Rosewood StyleSwap covers are made from wood from South America, in case you were wondering.

All the aforementioned StyleSwap covers cost Rs. 1,699 ($26) in India, and can be purchased from Amazon. OnePlus has also launched the OnePlus 2 Flip Cover (Black) for Rs. 699 ($11), OnePlus 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector priced at Rs. 599 ($9), and the OnePlus 2 Premium Screen Protector which costs Rs. 499 ($8). If you’d like to check out all of OnePlus 2’s StyleSwap covers which were launched in India, take a look at the gallery down below. If you live in India and are interested in purhcasing either of the aforementioned accessories, visit the source link down below which will take you directly to Amazon India.