Latest Opera Max Update Offers Video Data Savings

August 18, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

A common issue these days for many users is managing their data, and with a number of carrier plans focusing more on tiered data packages to give subscribers a more tailored experience to their needs as opposed to completely unlimited use, managing data is something users should be considering. Opera Max is an application which aims to help users with such a task, allowing users to manage and save their data buckets. For users who may worry about data limits due to consistent use of things like YouTube and Netflix, Opera’s latest update of Opera Max should come in pretty handy.

The update is aimed specifically at people who watch a lot of videos through Netflix or YouTube and stream that content over WiFi or cellular data connections. Opera states that the update should help users save on data by using a unique technology developed within the app that is capable of condensing videos watched to a smaller size without receiving any loss of quality to the video itself, specifically noting the ability to take a 10MB video and condense it down to a 3MB size. The app update is also said to help reduce buffering issues, claiming that users shouldn’t notice any differences when streaming Netflix and YouTube content while using Opera Max to help them manage their data use more effectively.

Opera’s latest update of Max brings in some other various changes or additions to the app too. Users who typically route stuff through a VPN when using data might notice there has been a new VPN control function added which allows them to disconnect a VPN without having to close down Opera Max. Opera has also given the app various light visual tweaks, so existing users of Max will like notice the UI touchups. The main goal of Opera Max is to help you save data, and experiences will likely vary from user to user depending on what they use data most for. Whether or not it actually saves data while streaming YouTube and Netflix videos without a loss to the quality or increasing the buffer rate is something which could be different on a user to user basis as well. The app is free, so it might be worth giving it a shot if data limits are a common concern for you.