Google Play Tackles Music Marketing With Brand Partnerships

August 20, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google has always been about advertising and you can see this across many of their different services and apps that they offer across platforms. Google Play Music is no different in fact. While Google does offer a streaming radio option that is free and ad-supported, competition in the space is still quite fierce, and a majority of listeners still prefer either Pandora, Spotify, or iHeart Radio. According to Edison Research those numbers equate to about 54 percent of listeners opting for Pandora and about 21 percent choosing Spotify or iHeart Radio. That leaves just 25 percent of the pie left for services like Google, but that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t have a plan in place to reach more users in an attempt to shift some of those numbers.

Google states that with Google Play, a big focus of theirs for the second half of this year is with the streaming music market which has led them to partnering up with Essence, who is helping them gather other partnerships with well-known brands such as Munchery and ASOS to market Google’s music offering. These partnerships include things like specially curated music playlists created by Munchery Chefs that aim to present playlists which sync well with a particular meal or recipe. This becomes all the more compelling knowing that not only were the playlists created with help from Munchery, but that their chef actually listened to the playlist. Normally, one likely thinks about food pairings with drinks or other food elements, but music can have just as good of a pairing which is what’s being done here, adding a specific human element to the whole thing which could help to draw in more users.

Another example of Google’s marketing efforts to reach new listeners has them pairing up with ASOS to make a digital shopping magazine, with each page dedicated to offering users the opportunity to shop for outfits that are meant for different festive gatherings, parties and Summer outings. Each page also has links to Google-curated playlists which have been paired up with the pages, providing users with the perfect music for those specific events. It’s an interesting take on the marketing strategy in hopes to expand, one that we should be seeing a lot more of once Google officially starts announcing more of these partnerships.

Google Play Music Marketing