Deal: Levin 4-Port Car Charger for $8.25 on Amazon

August 5, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

Let’s face it, we have a lot of gadgetry to charge these days. Even when you’re in the car, let’s say you have your phone and a GPS or tablet; that’s two devices. Then you add in your partner or friend’s devices, you could end up with more devices to charge than you have ports for. Well, this Levin 4-port charger might not solve all your issues, but at $8.25 for today, it’s relatively inexpensive and will get the job done for up to 4 devices. 2 of the ports output 2.4A while the other 2 put out 1.1A each, so there’s a good deal of juice here.

Anyone knows that a quick Google Maps Navigation stint is enough to put some phones down for the count, with 2.4A on offer here, you can pump those back up to their best. It’s normally $14.99, but with the code: TB727AFM it becomes $8.25 at checkout. To get your own, just take a look at the link below:

Levin 30W/6A Four Port USB Car Charger Dual 2.4A and Dual 1A