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Featured: Top 10 Pet Tracking Apps For Android – 7/8/15

July 8, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Keeping a closer eye on your pets has never been more important. However, keeping an eye on your pets is not always possible with the busy and hectic lives we all live. Thankfully, there are a number of android apps available which can help make sure that your pet’s whereabouts, health and general activity levels are all monitored closely. Below are ten apps that you might want to check out.

Tagg—The Pet Tracker

Tagg—The Pet TrackerTagg is one of the most popular pet tracking apps currently available and with good reason too. Tagg offers a great option for those looking to track the whereabouts of their pet as well as their pet’s daily activity levels. Great all in one solution for those looking for an easy to use app.


Pet Pal – Pet Health Organizer

Pet Pal - Pet Health OrganizerPet Pal, is not exactly a tracker in the traditional sense, but it will allow you to track the health of your pet. This is an organizer which collects and keeps all your pet’s details together in one handy place. It is worth pointing out that this free version is a trial version though.


Tractive Pet Manager LITE

Tractive Pet Manager LITETractive is a another company who make a number of pet relative apps and this latest one, Pet Manager, allows the user to track information on the walks they take with their pets. Once the information is added, it can then be shared with friends, circles or other pet owners.


Pet Medical Tracker

Pet Medical TrackerLike Pet Pal, this is another non-traditional pet tracker. However, with health being so important, it is worth checking out a few of these health trackers to find which one is best for you. This one will allow you to monitor all your pet’s routine vaccinations, allergies and all health-related information.


Kippy – The Pet Finder

Kippy - The Pet FinderKippy is another more traditional pet tracking app and works in conjunction with your Kippy GPS tracker. Once in use, this app allows users to track their pet’s current whereabouts as well as all their general activities.


Tractive GPS Pet Finder

We’ve already mentioned how active Tractive is in the pet app market and this is their second one which makes the list. Unlike their other offering, GPS Pet Finder is exactly that. An app which will let you keep up to date on your pet’s location at any given time. Not to mention will also provide you with a history of their solo trips.

PetFed – Feed Pet Manager

Once again PetFed moves away from the traditional notion of tracking and instead focuses on tracking your pet’s eating habits. This is just as important as the physical exercise they get and will allow you to keep up to date with all your pet is consuming. Not to mention, can be used to allow other people to feed your pets when you are there and avoid over or under feeding.


Pet Check Technology

Pet Check TechnologyPet Check is an ideal app for any avid or business based dog walkers, as this one allows you to keep track of all the information on multiple dogs. Including walking times and the likes. Great for multiple dog families and walkers. Not to mention, if your dog was being walked by someone else, this one will offer you the option of checking that your dog was actually walked and how far.


Dog Tracker Plus

Dog Tracker PlusAs the name of this one suggests, this app is designed to primarily track dogs and it does this by linking with a specially developed GPS collar. Once linked, users can track their dogs in real time and at any time.


Garmin Tracker

GarminClosing out today’s list is Garmin Tracker. Now, a lot users will know that this not only a pet tracker but also a person tracker. But this is the USP of this app as it allows you to track all of your family members when needed, including your pets.