How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge

June 21, 2015 - Written By Darla Sutrich


Samsung Galaxy S6 has been made to reborn the S series bringing the smartphone concept to a new level. The top-notch specs, metal case, and the double curve-screen variant made this smartphone hard to be beaten. Despite its success, when the smartphone reaches the final user hands, there is still an unresolved issue: carrier locked by the network providers.

Probably you know at least one method to unlock your Galaxy S6 but have you ever heard about unlocking your smartphone by code? Most of the Samsung Galaxy S6 users are dealing with the same carrier locked problem. Therefore I will explain in detail how to unlock your smartphone using genuine codes.

Why should I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S6?

The main benefit will definitely be the freedom of using your phone with any network provider you want. For various reasons, you might decide to switch to another carrier, whether to benefit from cheaper monthly fees, or better internet connection. The switching process will go flawlessly, with no headaches if your phone is unlocked.

For travelers who love to keep in touch with every one there are good news too. Doesn’t matter if you are planning to establish temporarily or for long term in another country, you can use your phone with any carrier in the world. This way you save money by using a local carrier and avoiding massive rooming fees.

Another benefit that springs out of unlocking your phone is the significantly increased resell value, as it will be open to all carriers. Sounds like you can sell your unlocked phone at a far better price than locked. Yes, yes, yes!

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How does the unlocking process work?

This process is quite simple: firstly you have to place an order on an online unlocking site, secondly you will receive the unlocking code, and thirdly you have to insert the code on your phone. But let’s break it down to make it easier.

  1. Placing an order on an unlocking site or are two examples of online unlocking sites that can help you unlock your Galaxy S6. Here are the details you have to provide when placing an order:

  1. a valid e-mail address as the unlocking code will be send sent via e-mail
  2. the IMEI of your phone which can be found by dialing *#06# on your phone or by checking the sticker underneath the battery
  3. the country & network your phone is currently locked to
  1. Receiving the unlocking code for your Galaxy S6

After your order has been placed, in a matter of minutes or hours – depending on the country and network your phone was bought from – you will receive an e-mail with the unlocking code. You will also receive instructions on how to insert the code.

  1. Inserting the unlocking code

When you insert a SIM card from another carrier different than the one you originally bought your phone from, your phone will display the message “SIM network unlock pin”. You have to insert the unlock code in the designated area and hit the “Unlock” button. The message “Unlock Successful” will shortly be displayed, then your phone will start with the new network service.

In case the internet connection is not working, you have to check your APN settings.

Can your cellphone be damaged while unlocking it by code?

The answer is 100% no. Using an unlocking code is the safest method to give your phone the carrier freedom avoiding any potential harms.

One thing that is worth mentioning is the 24/7 customer support of these unlocking platforms. It is kind of unusual for this type of service to have the support always available for you since you don’t need technical skills to unlock your phone and the process is quite simple. Nevertheless, any question asked at any hour will be answered by the customer support in a matter of minutes and that’s a huge plus from me.

To summaries, unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 using genuine codes is:

  • Safe as there are no risks of damaging your phone;
  • Cheaper than the network providers fees;
  • Faster than any other form of unlocking