More Themes for Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

June 4, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

When Samsung launched the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge we saw a new theme feature…something new for Samsung and only currently available on their worldwide flagship device.  Samsung even made it easy for developers to design the new themes by including a Theme Editor.  With the editor, you can theme a lock screen, home screen background, application icons, notification pop-ups, backgrounds and Samsung even has 14 basic apps pre-installed that developers can use.  With all of these tools available, Samsung is hoping that developers will take full advantage of the Theme Editor and design as many themes as possible…after all there any many people with many different tastes and interests.

Samsung introduced several themes for the Theme Stores at the Galaxy S6 launch and they were not exactly what you would call exciting or much different from one another.  However, with the Theme Editor is now available for third-party developers and Samsung has been approving them for the Theme Store…so much so that we are finally starting to see new releases on a weekly basis.  Themes are a great idea, but in order for them to work and attract new buyers and keep current users happy there must be a variety of themes as well as having some quality in their design.  As you can see from the seven new themes release this past week, the variety is there and some of the more detailed ones are really quite nice.

Dream Girl uses the popular rosy pink colors with some icons looking like they are floating on a cloud.  Nice for a younger girl, although, how many pre-teens there are lugging around a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge at the moment is debatable.  The Dum Maro Dum theme is based on the hit Indian song from the 70’s and very colorful if you like red, orange and taxi cab yellow! Little Red Riding Hood uses a lot of grays and shades of red (there is a surprise), but the ‘big, bad wolf’ looks more like a small and cuddly teddy bear.  Soft Cloud is nice and relaxing as long as you like blue skies and fluffy white clouds, with one screen that looks like an ice cream cone filled with a cloud.  Space Odyssey is a terrific looking theme if you are into planets and the unlocking screen’s dots look like twinkling stars.  Stamps theme even offers up something for those philatelists out there and is nicely done in beige with postage marks and icons shaped as stamps…very classy.  Last, but certainly not least, is the Vacation theme, complete with blue skies, palm trees, the ocean and a VW bus.  The background for the dialer is a sandy beach, complete with starfish and shells.  Check them out in the Gallery below.