Samsung Galaxy S6 Memory Fix Requires Root, Build.prop Edit

June 10, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

There are a few issues with the Galaxy S6, the one most people are vocal about is the battery life. But there is also another issue, which is the memory. The Galaxy S6 has 3GB of RAM, should be plenty, right? Some users are reporting that apps don’t stay in memory too long, and often times the launcher has to redraw the home screen or app drawer. Which shouldn’t happen with 3GB of RAM in the Galaxy S6.

We did see this problem with Nexus devices on Android 5.0, however the update to Android 5.1 fixed the issue. Ideally, the update to Android 5.1 should fix the issue for Galaxy S6 users out there, but at this rate, we are unsure how long that update is going to take. Considering it’s not even available for the unlocked models yet, it’s going to be quite some time before the carrier variants here in the US get updated to Android 5.1.

A XDA user has found a fix for the memory issue with the Galaxy S6. However it does involve root, as well as editing the build.prop. So if you aren’t comfortable editing the build.prop, we’d suggest you not to proceed with this fix. As you could do some serious damage to your device, and Android Headlines is not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

According to the thread over on XDA, many users are experiencing improved memory management, which is great. There does appear to be a caveat though, “The major addendum here seems to be that apps like Chrome and and those calling webpages via Webview (Tinfoil for Facebook) still suck.” So if you use Chrome, looks like the fix won’t really work. Although you could use another browser, as we all know Chrome has gotten pretty bloated lately.

Of course, you’ll need to be rooted, so make sure you check out PingPong Root to get your Galaxy S6 rooted. It seems to be a very simple and easy to root method, which is always good. Check out the XDA Developers thread linked in the sources below to see how to apply this memory management fix to your Galaxy S6.