Play Music Update Offers Improved Android Wear Control

June 23, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Normally, Google updates for their apps and services come through on a Wednesday. That said, they do not have to and today was a prime example when Google announced and made available an update to their Play Music app. Most android users will be well-versed with the Play Music app, however, this update saw one big update landing which has attracted all the major headlines. This was the fact that the app now offers free music streaming. Of course the app has always offered music streaming in some capacity, although until today, the streaming was a subscription based option which would set you back $9.99 a month and worked along the same basis as Spotify.

That said, the free streaming option is not exactly as great as it might sound as it seems the free streaming is limited to a select few playlists and does include a bunch of ads which effectively subsidize the service. Either way though, free is free. On top of the free streaming feature, there were also a few more minor updates and tweaks noted which include the likes of an updated notification drawer. Well, it seems they are not the only features which have now been updated.

A user on reddit has noted that the updated Play Music offers a much improved Android Wear experience too. As well as the other updated features, users can now better manage the playlists and songs played from their Android Wear device. To clarify the update, before today, users had little control over what was sent to the Wear device and instead would have to make do with all downloaded content being streamed. In the updated version, the app now seems to include a “Manage Wear downloads” tab in the settings, which allow you to manage the downloads and remove which ones you do not want on the Wear device. This might sound like a minor difference, but to those who have limited space on their device, this will be a great addition and updated feature. If you missed our earlier coverage and have yet to see the download arrive then you can push it to your device by clicking here.