Join Google’s Online Pride Parade With Androidify Avatars

June 17, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Androidify is an app that was created in 2011 allowing users to create their own avatars using the mascot robot of the Android operating system. The avatars can be personalized with a selection of options including skin colors, hairstyles and all sorts of clothes and accessories like hats, glasses or different technology-related devices. The body of the robot may also be modified making its head, arms and legs longer or shorter, after you’ve created the one you like, you can share it with your friends or submit it to the Gallery and Google might select it and show it in one of their Android campaigns.

This, along with some other campaigns such as the “be together. not the same” one actually mirrors the customization options that have been available on Android since inception, you can create a truly personal experience in your Android device by changing the wallpaper, create Home screens with different shortcuts to the most used apps or widgets that offer all sorts of functionality or even install different launchers that offer completely different experiences. The most advanced users can even root their devices to modify nearly every aspect of the operating system.

This month, Androidify is being updated with some commemorative elements of the LGBT community such as t-shirts, pants, and shorts as well as some rainbow-colored accessories. It’s not a coincidence that the app got the update this month, as most of the annual Pride parades take place at this time of the year. Google has always been known for supporting diversity as their website also gets rainbow-colored illustrations when searching any LGBT-related term. Their efforts don’t stop with this particular community as they want to raise awareness of including minorities such several ethnic groups or even wanting more women to be dedicated to the fields of technology. Google is creating a global online Pride parade on June 27th and June 28th, so you can create your own avatar and add them to the Gallery before this date to participate in this virtual parade. The characters can be created using the updated Android app (you can download the latest APK from the source or wait for the update from the Play Store) or from the website (source link below) right now.