Google Camera Updated To The Android M Preview Version

June 3, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Now that the fun and games of Google’s annual developer conference that is Google I/O has long passed, normal Google And android business can return to a usual pace. This can be otherwise thought of, as a return to more mid-week announcements coming through. One of those which already seems to be making its way to devices is an update which is being pushed out for the Google Camera.

The update will bring your Google Camera app up to version 2.5. Now, first off is does need to be stated that there does not currently seem to be any massive new features or abilities being noted with this update. That said, this is an interesting update in its own right. It would seem that version 2.5 is the version that was released along with the developer preview of android’s latest operating system update, Android M last week. As such, this is a way to at least get to taste what he future update might be like without having to install the preview. If you are running a non-Nexus device, then there is no way for you to install the preview yet anyway. Of course, it also does need to be pointing out that the Android M developer preview is a preview and therefore, the camera app will probably be updated again before the final version of M is released. All that said, this is the camera app that is currently shipping with M.

In terms of what is new, there seems to be a new focus animation which is being employed. This results in a more throbbing animation when focusing compared to the circular twisting one that was used in the previous version. It would also seem that the HDR has been speeded up too. While it is also being reported that there is an updated ‘recently taken’ bubble which appears for your last image thumbnail. So nothing too major, but an update nonetheless. Either way, if you have the app installed then you should see the update being pushed to your device at some point today. If you cannot wait then you can download the update by clicking on the link below or click the source link at the very bottom to head over to the Play Store and download from there when it is updated.

Google Camera Download