Zopo: Color C And E Mid-Rangers To Arrive On May 26

May 13, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Zopo is one of many China-based smartphone OEMs. We haven’t really talked a lot about this company lately considering there was no news quite frankly, we did, however, see some info regarding the company’s mid-range Android Lollipop-powered smartphones. Zopo has teased the arrival of these devices quite recently actually, and the company has now only confirmed that these devices will launch by the end of May. Zopo has actually released a whole press release this time around, not just a teaser image, they’ve also shared quite a few details regarding both of these devices along with their renders, let’s see what’s what.

The company has confirmed that two new devices from their ‘Color’ series of smartphones will arrive on May 26. These devices will be unveiled at MedPI Exhibition in Monaco by the way, and both of them will offer 4G LTE connectivity according to the company. The Color C and Color E will be powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop and will be available in a range of color options. If you take a look at the gallery down below, you’ll notice two images showing off these devices, these are the official renders shared by Zopo. As you can see, the device(s) will be available in Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue color options. There are three capacitive buttons located below the display of these devices, which was to be expected considering these are Zopo’s devices, the company has been using such button placement for a long time now.

Zopo has actually decided to share partial specifications of these devices as well. The Color C and Color E handset will be powered by MediaTek’s MT6735 64-bit quad-core processors and both of them will offer dual SIM as well. The Color C will feature a 4.5-inch IPS display, while the Color E will sport a 5-inch panel. “The consumers hope ZOPO could manufacture many more mobile intelligent products which are easy to use, with different size and color and low prices. Different from the Tablet PC, smartphone can’t meet the consumer’s needs without innovation in design. Considering that some people tend to the grip feeling, some people tend to the multimedia experience, and some others tend to high performance and price ratio, therefore, ZOPO launches two different size of 64-bit quad-core 4G smartphones to meet the consumers’ different needs,” said Kevin Xu, the founder of Zopo.