No. 1 Sun S2 Smartwatch Shown in New Color and Special Launch Pricing

May 21, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

For about a month now we’ve seen No. 1’s second smartwatch appear and receive slight updates as its undergone the development process.  The first time we saw the watch the shots really only showed off the face and body with no straps attached, but only a week later we received an update from No. 1 showing what the watch looks like with bands designed just for it.  No. 1 has updated their website with official release info including a special release pricing for those looking to buy it in the next handful of days.  As a bonus this update includes the latest version of the smartwatch, which is now called the No. 1 Sun S2, and likely features some design tweaks and additions over the original model that debuted last month.

The No. 1 Sun S2 is a round smartwatch with a brushed metal face that comes in a couple of colors including silver, black and rose gold.  The bands themselves are interchangeable and No. 1 is actually including an extra leather or metal wrist strap via their promotional deal on  Normally No. 1 sells both a leather and metal wrist band for the watch, and you should be able to change them out for any standard watch band if those aren’t to your liking.  The watch itself is powered by a custom operating system that works with both iOS and Android, but has a few more features when paired with an Android device because of the superior design of Android’s notification system.

MediaTek’s latest ultra-low power processors power the experience via the MT6260, a processor that should be able to give you a smooth experience given what a smartwatch does.  The casing itself is IP67 water and dust resistant, meaning you can take this watch underwater up to 3 meters for half an hour without worrying about it getting damaged.  There’s also a number of sensors onboard including a pedometer, heartrate meter and specialized software that keeps track of these health metrics as well as giving reminders throughout the day to move around and even sleep tracking at night.  The deal that No. 1 has on their website below prices the watch at $54.99, a 20% markdown from the regular retail price of the watch, and includes the extra wrist strap for orders placed through May 25th.  If you’ve missed that window the $54.99 pricing still applies until the 5th of June with a single wrist strap included instead of two.