New Google Photo App Capable Of Advanced Object Recognition

May 25, 2015 - Written By John Anon

This week will be a massive week in the Google and android calendar. That is thanks to the upcoming android extravaganza that is Google’s I/O event which takes place on Thursday and Friday. Over the two days, many details will emerge as to what can be expected from android (and Google in general) over the next year. While, the details of what the company will be unveiling are still largely unknown, there has been many rumors and speculation building over the last few months and especially over the last few days.

Roughly a week ago came the reports that Google were rumored to be unveiling a new photo service at this year’s event. At the time, the unveiling of the new service was just a rumor, however, the notion of a new photo service being launched by Google has been doing the rumor rounds for a very long time. As such, the latest rumor did have some weight behind it. Then, yesterday, the rumor aspect of whether Google were woking on a new photo service pretty much came to an end when a new report emerged showing what seemed to be leaked images taken from the new Photos app. The only unknown which then remained was whether Google would unveil the new service at I/O.

Well, following form yesterday’s leaked images more details are now starting to emerge. The latest information suggests that the new Photos app will come with some neat features. In particular, in terms of object identification and recognition. According to Android Police (source link below) the new Photos app will be able to recognize much more than just faces. Instead, the app will be capable of scanning images and recognizing pets, foods and even places. The app will also then be able to group the images more effectively based on their content, offering greater degrees of easier recall. As you would expect, as well as the app being able to group and identify pets and objects, the actual more common face recognition also looks to be greatly improved with images also capable of being grouped based on the facial recognition ability. As with everything Google, by the end of this week, all of the details of the latest app will hopefully have been announced.