Google Might Hand Out New Nexus Player Units At I/O

May 27, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Google I/O is right at our doorstep, the conference will kick off soon, and this is what you can expect to see. As it’s the case every year, Google’s developer conference is a huge event, the biggest one for the Mountain View search giant. We’re expecting to see all sorts of Google-related stuff talked about during the I/O, including the announcement of the new version of Android, Android M (Macadamia Nut Cookie), which was rumored quite heavily lately. We’re also expecting a ton of Android TV, Android Wear and Google Fit-related news.

That being said, a new rumors popped up, suggesting that Google is going to hand out some hardware during the conference to everyone who attend it, as it’s the case every year. According to the rumors, Google might be handing out the new Nexus Player units which will allegedly going to be introduced during the conference, and some current-gen hardware isn’t excluded either. Looking at import / export data site Zauba reveals that there are a lot of imports of Google Chromecasts and Google Cardboard headsets, which might suggest that Google will hand out those as well.

Either way, the keynote attendees will surely get some hardware to carry home, but we’re still not sure what exactly. We haven’t exactly seen that many rumors / leaks when it comes to this year’s I/O, which was somewhat strange and exciting at the same time. We usually know what Google intends to announce before the conference kicks off thanks to a ton of leaks and rumors which arrive prior to the conference, but that’s not the case this year. One thing is for sure though, the Android M which was rumored and Indirectly confirmed by Google’s Vice President of Engineering, will quite probably be the most interesting piece of news for the vast majority of Android uses out there.

Either way, Google will certainly have a lot to say during the conference, so stay tuned for that. We’ll be at the scene in San Francisco covering I/O first hand, and you can expect a ton of information to come your way in the next couple of days.