Featured: Top 10 Navigation Apps for Android – 05/22/15

May 22, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

Android is definitely known for Google Maps and of course, Google Maps Navigation, but Android is so much more than Google. There are tons of other apps out there that have very little to do with Google, and when it comes to getting from A to B on your own, there are some excellent GPS navigation apps for Android in the Play Store. From industry stalwarts like TomTom to more independent options, this Top 10 Navigation Apps for Android list should definitely have something for you.


HERE maps

HERE is one of the few apps from Nokia available on Android and now free from the tyranny of Microsoft, HERE maps is now available on most Android smartphones. There’s no tablet support, sadly, but there is the ability to download and save maps in over 100 countries, see real-time traffic alerts and generally just get from point-to-point quicker and with less hassle.



MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

mapquestMapQuest has been around for years now, and there are some people that absolutely swear by it. In the last year or so however, the app has started to show some cracks. Having said that, it still offers a great alternative from Google Maps and it’s familiar for a lot of people that were using the Internet for this sort of thing long before Google Maps went mobile. Worth checking out, this could be the one you never knew about.


Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic


Waze has been around for quite some time now, and while it might be owned by big, bad Google these days it remains much the same. Waze is an app all about harnessing local knowledge on your travels and if you live in a traffic-prone area, then Waze is the best way to get to work via neat little tips and tricks to avoid accidents and that sort of thing. Easy to use and free to use, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have already given Waze a try.



Navmii GPS USA (Navfree)


Navmii is similar to Waze in that it features map reports and such, however where Navmii makes its mark is in the millions of POIs added all the time, and the detailed, good-looking maps that make major roads and their naming nice and easy to find. Sadly, there are some issues with the app and its use of ads, but the team is working to correct things in that regard.



Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps


Sygic is an excellent Android app to have in the car. It not only offers some of the most detailed and easy to understand offline maps available, but it also offers a dashcam and even an innovative heads-up display while driving at night. Powered by TomTom maps, they’re up-to-date and feature some of the best lane guidance available. A must-have if you’re a traveling salesman or going on a long trip somewhere completely new.



MapFactor: GPS Navigation

mapfactorIf you’re more interested in the open side of maps, then you’ll like MapFactor as it uses OpenStreetMaps data. As a result, it’s completely free, with turn-by-turn navigation, voice guidance and the whole lot. For absolutely nothing! Of course, there are drawbacks here, to make the most of the app, you need to download the maps to your device’s SD card, and that’s not always an option. Still, for a free app, there’s very little to complain about.



Google Maps

Google-Maps-AH-1Google Maps, what can’t we say about this? It works perfectly with Android, and while the new look and feel of the app is a little wonky for older users of the service, it still works wonders. The Navigation part of the app is still free, and it’s been updated with more countries as well as lane guidance this past year. It’s completely free, integrates with Google Now and Android Wear, and it’s probably already installed on your phone!



TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

tomtoTomTom is an app that’s put together with some of the best and most accurate maps available in this sort of app. There’s little to no hassle with the app, and everything comes together well. It’s a well-polished app however it can be a little expensive. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you though, then there’s little reason to steer clear of one of the better GPS apps available.





NAVIGON is another big player, and with their Android app they’ve basically bundled in every feature that they could possibly think of. Making this something of an app that has perhaps too much of a good thing. Still, there’s a lot on offer and the maps are really quite accurate, so it’s still worth a look.



ROUTE 66 Navigate


ROUTE 66 is perhaps aptly named, as the app uses the same maps as TomTom, but presents them a little differently. All-in-all, there’s a lot on offer, and while it has some of the best speed camera alerts, there are other attractions to be pleased about, and there is some easy-to-read maps and layouts, too.