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Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Couples

May 22, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you are in a new relationship or if you and your partner have been together for a long time, there are always ways in which you can make sure you are both getting the best out of the relationship. In fact, there are even android apps which look to make your moments together more personal, precious and individual. Below is ten of the apps which might help you and your loved one share more personal memories and experiences.

Couplete – App for Couples

CoupleteStarting today’s list is Couplete. The best way to think of this app is as a joint wishlist. Using the app, couples can plan what they want to do, document their shared moments and memories and generally provide couples with a timeline of everything they do together.


LoveByte – Couple Journal

LoveByteLoveByte is a great way for you and your partner to stay connected when apart. This app allows users to share private messages, share device information such as battery level, location and your current weather. As well as being able to share calendars and make joint plans.


Couple – Relationship App

Couple - Relationship AppCouple is another ‘joint’ app and places a focus on sharing. However, this is designed as an app for two. As such, everything you share within the app is available to your significant other and likewise, what they share is available to you. Kind of like your own personal app for you and your loved one.


Couple Tracker -Mobile monitor

Couple TrackerOK, first off, this app is certainly not going to be for everyone. However, Couple Tracker allows couples to effectively track each other. On the surface, that may sound a little weird, but this is designed not for one person tracking the other, but for both people having access to each other’s whereabouts, access to text, calls and location. The ultimate in sharing apps.


Between – Private Couples App

BetweenBetween is another app which looks to offer a personal space for you and your partner. As such, this app does offer the ability to share information, merge calendars and again provide an app, just for two.


LoveSpice: App for Couples!

LoveSpiceLoveSpice looks to inject a little fun and spice into yours and your partner’s lives. As such, with this app, you can set each other challenges. The challenges range in the level of fun and intimacy and once a challenge is complete, points are awarded and future challenges unlocked.


Lovers counter for couples

Lovers counterLovers counter is another sharing app for couples. This one offers the ability to share memories, images and take part in private chats. However, this one also offers some additional features like a love-o-meter to gauge the status of your relationship.


Emoji Couple Chat Stickers

EmojiLooking to liven up your chat with your partner. Aesthetically speaking that is. Well, Emoji couple chat stickers will do that by offering users a more fun way to interact and communicate with each other.


sweetie – a couple app for two

SweetieSweetie offers a number of features similar to some of the apps on this list. Like the ability to share information, private chat and so on. However, this one also offers the ability to generate a ‘couple profile’ and share that profile with other couples.


Couple Photo Lock Screen

Lock ScreenHaving a couple based app is one thing, but maybe you want your device to be more representative of your couple status. Well, if that is the case then you might want to give Couple Photo Lock Screen a try. As the name suggests, this one will offer the ability to set couple based images on your lock screen.