More Apps Updated With Chromecast Support; Fox, FX & HGTV

May 15, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Google released the Chromecast almost two years from now and it’s still a very interesting device. The $35 dongle connects to the HDMI port on any modern TV and it instantly makes it smarter. While it originally launched with only 3 native apps, YouTube, Netflix and Google play Movies the catalog has increased significantly thanks to the support of third party apps. It works with WiFi and it allows users to mirror the screen on the computer to the TV through the Google Chrome browser and the Google Cast extension or the screen of an Android smartphone or tablet can be seen on the bigger screen so that sharing photos or videos with more people is easier. There are even some games available including Just Dance Now which uses the smartphone to track movements, so the uses of this little device can be expanded by the creative minds of developers.

Of course one of the best reasons to buy the dongle is to stream videos wirelessly and now there are some more video apps that have been updated with Chromecast support, including Fox Now, FX Now and HGTV. Let’s not forget that the CBS app was recently updated with its All Access service, which allows users to get a subscription of $6 per month to see a lot of content from their catalogue and live streams for the channel. The other 3 apps require users to have a cable subscription from AT&T U-Verse, Bright House, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, Time Warner Cable and WOW! among other providers to watch the content. As for the content available, the FX Now could be a good option to watch The Simpsons since they won’t be offered in physical media anymore and the first 20 seasons are available to watch in their original 4:3 format or 16:9. The series Wayward Pines, premiering today will be available from the redesigned Fox Now app with full episodes available, also the first season of Empire is available in case you need to catch up for the second season premiere. Pluto TV and its curated channels of music, sports, news and TV shows and Haystack showing current events and happenings around the world according to your interests have also been updated with Chromecast support.